The Artist

My name is Amber Deady. I’m a wife, mommy of two, and a passionate custom cake designer from St. Louis, Missouri.

My cake journey started when I wanted to make my daughter a special cake for her first birthday back in 2007. I had no previous experience with baking cakes, working with fondant, or even how to fill a piping bag with icing! After following the directions on the back of the fondant box, I created a lopsided but halfway decent birthday cake for my little girl. I had so much fun making it and actually caught on rather quickly.

I decided to take a few beginner classes at a local cake supply shop to learn the basics. My love for baked creations only grew, and soon I was taking orders from family and friends for small parties. 

After some encouragement from family, I decided to post an add on a local website advertising some of my work and offering my cake making services to the general public. I had no intention of receiving any business through this method. I didn’t think anyone would want to order a cake from someone that works out of their home, that they have never met, and from a local sales website! I was completely shocked when the emails started pouring in! I even had several brides scheduling consultations/tastings in my home! I was booking up so fast I actually had to turn some people away. During this time is really when I used many new techniques and learned so much through trial and error. I never let an order leave my door that I was not 110% satisfied with. That’s how I built up clientel and repeat customers.

After about three years of working from home I was offered a custom cake designer/decorator position at a local bakery. I was very excited for this opportunity since this was a unique bakery that focused on the custom side. This is where I gained so much more knowledge about airbrushing, hand carving cakes, 3D sculpted figures, fondant work, buttercream techniques, and so much more. I had several years of working for the company before the owners unfortunately decided to close the doors for good. It was a sad last day, but I knew this door that was closing would only lead to another opportunity for a better one to open.

I had my son about 5 months after the bakery closed. I decided I wanted to enjoy being a Mom and cherish the precious moments with my kids while they were still young. However, I always had a burning passion for making custom cakes. So, this is where I am today. Enjoying my children while also making custom creations for you. Two things I truly love and I get to do them both! I’m so blessed!

I’ve been making cakes since 2007 and my passion only continues to grow. I love seeing the smile on my clients’ face or seeing a picture of them with something I created for them. There is a quote I recently found that sums it up perfectly:

“No cake business in the world is about cake. They are about: Joy,Happiness, Creative Fulfillment, Pride, Love, Bravery, Earning a living for our families, Giving and receiving, Creating memories, Sharing…and so much more. It’s never actually about the cake at all. ”



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