We take care of you special requests

Do you...

  • need to have support in your design project
  • need a special size, colour or material on a standard product
  • need a product you dont find in the standard shop
  • need a special packaging, stock or delivery service
  • need a special certificate or documentation
  • need a recomendation for a supplier


This is how it works

1. Contact us

Get in contact with our product specialist. The product specialist starts up and closes any custom projects you have with us. By contacting them, you gain access to the widest network and skill set in Europe – all down to the many projects our product specialists have been involved in. Find contact details here>

2. Solution development and offer

If it's a question about custom product, both goods and services, our product specialist invite specialists like product developers, toolmakers, buyers into the team. This to develop the offer to you. When the offer is ready, it is presented to you by the product specialist.

3. Aggreement and implementation

If and when you accept the offer, the work starts to implement it into our systems. If needed, new routines and tools are made and staff is trained. You give a go when you have proof for that we have reached the quality we agreed upon.

4. Product ready and can be delivered

From this date you can see your product in the shop as well as ordering it. This goes both for all custom products, both goods and services.


Would you like more information?

Please, contact your Product Specialist.  Here you find their contact details >


What we can easy help you with: